Which Essential Features A Digital Camera Must Have?

People purchase digital camera that comes embedded with features like optical zoom lens, resolution, image stabilization, sensor etc. But, it is found that many camera manufacturers add some extra features to their product in order to convince the customers to purchase their product instead of others. Now the question is that, is it necessary to add or include extra features in the product to increase its selling ? How important is it to have the extra features ? Here in this article, we have listed some latest features of digital camera that will help you (as a customer) out to decide which to include in your priority list or which to exclude.

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Let’s have a look on latest features of digital camera :

1) Hybrid AF

Description – Hybrid AF (Hybrid Autofocus) system combines contrast AF and detection AF. Contrast detection AF is mainly used in mirrorless interchangeable-lens and compact cameras and on the other hand Phase-detection AF is used in DSLRs that splits light into two images and after comparing, it tells the system to adjust what is or what is not in focus. This feature is very good and quick at tracking moving subjects. As compared to face detection, contrast AF is more accurate and works in live-view mode. One disadvantage of this feature is that, it is much slower unable to handle the motion.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – Slow autofocus can reduce the photo-taking experience, especially when a user drop a ton on a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Any feature which is helpful to speed up a camera is indeed important.

2) Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

Description – A traditional Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor, also called backside illuminated sensor(BSI CMOS) which is classified as a digital image sensor. It uses a novel arrangement of the imaging elements in order to increase the amount of light captured and further improve low-light performance. It has a wiring on the front that delivers the digital signal from each tiny pixel. Its wiring is moved to the back of the sensor and results in increase of light sensitivity, once the pixels gets exposed to more light. Sony was the first to use its Exmor R BI CMOS sensor since 2009.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – Several new cameras comes featured with BI CMOS sensors. Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor helps to capture more light, and hence increase the capacity. Thus, a very important feature for camera and looking forward to see more BI CMOS sensors in digital cameras.

3) Wi-Fi

Description – As we all know, Wi-Fi is a connectivity protocol that allow the devices to communicate with one another or a network wirelessly. This feature is found common in smartphones, computers, portable gaming consoles. In order to compete with features provided by smartphones, the manufacturers of camera are providing Wi-Fi connectivity into their shooting options so that you can easily send or share images.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – This feature depends on the challenges facing camera makers in order to compete with smartphones. Smartphones has come with the ability to share photos instantly and today sharing is more important than the picture quality. In such cases, a digital camera containing Wi-Fi feature isn’t worth it.

4 ) 3D

Description – 3D known as three dimensional stereoscopic film is a type of motion picture used to enhance the illusion of depth perception and thus add a third dimension. From the past few years its been using in the movies. It is a technique to create depth in a video or image. In simple terms, two images of the same edge are taken from different distances, combined to create a 3D image.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – 3D technology are generally used in televisions and now it is coming in digital camera. Samsung’s new NX300 Smart Camera is capable to capture 3D images and video by using a special lens. But, technically this feature is not so important for a camera.

5 ) NFC

Description – NFC(Near Field Communication), is a short-range wireless RFID technology. NFC transfers data within a very short ranges and comes embedded into a smartphone or credit card.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – In the recent year, companies like Panasonic demonstrated NFC in a few of their product like cameras. With the help of this feature you can send images to NFC enabled television or smartphone. But, if you have NFC in your camera, what would you use it with? All we can say, don’t worry if your new camera purchase do not contain this feature.

6) Full HD

Description – Full HD indicates 1080p high-definition (1920 x 1080) resolution which was developed as an HDTV transmission and storage format. A few years back, only few cameras could capture video at high resolutions, but today it is an enhanced feature found in smartphones and cameras.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – Today, it has become very important to capture a crystal clear video and thus Full HD feature is very important in a DSLR camera.

8) Touchscreen

Description – Camera makers are adding touch-functionality to the LCD. So now, users can easily select items by pressing on the screen instead of navigating menus through physical buttons. And, makers can now streamline the number of buttons on a camera by moving all the functions to the screen.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – Touchscreen feature depends on the what technology we are using. Adding a touchscreen in a digital camera is like a waste. There should be a genuine reason for using a touchscreen so that a user can easily operate the camera. but we find dials and physical buttons quicker for settings adjustments.

9) Ruggedness

Description – Ruggedness indicates a strong feature i.e. dust proof, waterproof, shock proof, freeze proof . These features make a camera unique. Basically they are designed to take a beat in all type of elements. Good for those users who enjoy taking cameras to places like mountain, beach etc.

Do this feature have any Importance ? – This feature is beneficial for accidental damage. The toughness of the camera is important to protect it from any type of damage.

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