Data Recovery From Virus Infected Memory card

Memory Card present in camera basically used for storing photos, videos or other media files. However memory card can get infected with virus when the card is connected with computer for sharing of files, as a result the data stored in the card becomes inaccessible.

Is there any problem with your memory card? Have your entire memory card files got turned into unworkable shortcuts probably because the card is infected with virus? Actually, memory card infected with virus is the most common problem a camera user faces. In such situation a memory card always ask you to format when trying to access the files stored in the card. This is only because the memory card seems to be attacked by dangerous virus such as Trojan, ransomware etc. when being used by laptop, computer, iPods, tablet and other portable devices. Memory card just display nothing when trying to transfer or copy the stored contents like photos, videos or music files out on your computer due to possible virus damage. The virus in your memory card can corrupt all the card stuffs and make it inaccessible. Memory card files seems to be hidden by viruses and the data cannot be find anywhere even after you use folder options to show all hidden files and folders. These situations really sound familiar, as just said above it has become a common problem with the memory card today. Is there any way to rescue the data stored in memory card or you have to format the card for removing or cleaning viruses? Let’ s have a close look on some of the situations that cause the damage or corruption to memory card data and make card’s stuff inaccessible. While reading this blog you will also get the solution to recover photos and other media files from damaged or corrupt memory card.

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Scenarios Lead To Corruption OF Memory Card

There are various scenarios accountable for the damage or corruption of memory card because of virus infection. Viruses like Trojan, ransomware, spyware are some of the most dangerous viruses that cause severe damage to the data stored on memory card. Virus damage the stuffs of memory card and make it inaccessible for any other process to be carried out like transferring, copying, sharing or viewing of files. Connecting a memory card to virus infected computer for accessing or transferring from memory card and can cause severely corruption. The other way through which virus infiltrates into memory card when a good antivirus program is not installed in your computer and in that situation when you insert your memory card into the system automatically virus get inserted into the card. Thus it is suggested to install and update your antivirus program on a regular basis. A memory card infected with virus will throw an error message like “Operation denied. Format your memory card” when attempting to access or open files stored in the card. A virus infected memory card can cause loss of precious files. Thus if you are looking for a solution to recover data from memory card infected with virus then visit the link made available on this page.

Other than that you can use few handy solutions to recover files from virus infected memory card.

Use CMD & Recover Files From Virus Infected Memory Card

You can try CMD to recover files from memory card that are inaccessible or lost due to virus attack.

  1. Insert the memory card to your PC
  2. Click on Start menu or Windows icon and then enter “cmd” in a very search bar. within the list you’ll get “cmd.exe” . Just do a right click on “cmd.exe”. The command box will open.
  3. Now sort “attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*” drive by the media storage.

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After completing the steps your computer will start repairing the virus infected memory card. This operation will take hardly one minute. After finished the repairing process, check your memory card whether the infected files have recovered or not. If the above steps didn’t work effectively don’t be sad. There is another way to recover data from virus infected memory card, just follow the links given in this page.

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