Useful Instructions To Fix Nikon DSLR Camera Errors

People love to click pictures of their loved ones and capture their special moments using Digital cameras. Usually a digital camera stores the video and pictures in a digital format instead of recording a film. It generates the click pictures or images in a crystal clear form which can be easily downloaded to the computer system. This type of camera digitally encodes an image and store or keep it for later reproduction. A digital camera is mainly developed to take digital images or photographs in order to transmit them over the Internet. One of the main advantage of digital cameras is that there is no film processing and making pictures is fast and inexpensive. Though, digital cameras are very useful and comes with excellent working facilities, still a user encounter several common errors while using the camera which have mentioned below :

However there are several brands and a range of digital camera available in the market, but here we are discussing about Nikon DSLR camera and some of its common errors.

Interestingly, Nikon Digital camera is one of the big beasts in the photography world. This is one of the most popular camera used by professionals and even by non-professionals. This camera comes with an absolute beginner models and also provide high end professionals workhorses.

Errors In Nikon DSLR Camera

Have you got any error flash up on your Nikon DSLR? Are you getting problems while clicking pictures? If so, then do not panic. Here we are discussing some common error codes occur in Nikon DSLR camera along with a quick guide or a couple of useful solution in order to get your backup.

Error 1 : Err

Description : User may encounter with this scariest error message because when this error message appear, the camera you are using completely locks up. This error caused when the lens and camera do not communicate properly and results in shutter malfunction. Dirty contacts can be the main cause of this error. Error code Err can be more serious and thus if you are concerned, follow the manual steps to resolve the error :

  1. Insert or install a fresh charged battery into the camera
  2. It is suggested to delete all the accessories from the camera
  3. Follow the steps provided in the product manual if your Nikon camera provide resets like hardware reset or a two-button reset.

Error 2 : Record Movie Error Message

Description : Record Movie Error Message indicates that your Nikon DSLR is unable to pass the data to the memory card with a fast speed in order to record it. This main reason of this error is the compatibility issues of memory card with the camera and hence you need to insert a new and fresh memory card with a faster write speed.

Error 3 : Triangle with F0

Description – Triangle with F0 is caused when the lens and body become unable to communicate. In this situation camera thinks that there is no lens attached. On a non CPU lens, it indicates that the maximum aperture has not been installed properly. The number F6 which is just next to the letter F shows the maximum aperture of the non CPU lens is. To resolve this error try cleaning all the contacts on a G type lens with no aperture ring.

Error 4 : Error message ‘No Memory Card’

Description : There can be several reason behind ‘No Memory Card’ error message if you have a memory card installed in the camera. The reasons include :

  • Due to memory card malfunction or if the memory card gets formatted with a different camera.
  • If the installed memory card is not compatible with the Nikon camera
  • If your memory card if full or it does not have enough space to store more pictures
  • In this situation, you are suggested to reformat the memory card of the camera.

Error 5 : -E-

Description : -E- simply indicates that there is no memory card even when there us a card in the camera.

  • To rectify this error, you need to format the card in the camera. Just take the card out of the device and properly re-insert it into the camera to make sure it is properly positioned.

Error 6 : Error message ‘f EE’

Description : A user get f EE error message in Nikon DSLR camera which indicates that the device is unable to take the photo at the selected aperture.

To fix this issue, you need to change the settings and allow the aperture ring back to minimum and further lock it in place.

Error 7 : CHA/CHR

Description : This error normally means a problem related with am memory card of a camera. This error usually caused due to damaged or corrupt memory card. It indicates a card error and thus, it is a good idea to have a backup of the pictures stored in your computer.

Error 8 : Information icon error message

Description : When this error occur, you will see an ‘I’ in a circle which indicates the following similar type error:

  • The memory card may be locked or full.
  • If the camera battery may be exhausted.
  • If the camera detect that one of the subject of the picture blinked thinking that the picture was shot and allow the user to shoot the photo again.

To resolve this error you need to charge the battery. If the error is due to memory card, then open your camera and look for a small toggle switch located on the side of the card. Move the option to ‘unlock’ position in order to fix this issue.

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