Troubleshoot Canon Digital Camera Errors

Over the past three decades the modern DSLR camera has evolved from a largely mechanical device to a highly sophisticated product along with computer for example control and Internal operation. Just like a modern computer encounters some conflict internally and crash or lockup in the same way error issues and conflict happen to the modern DSLR cameras as well. From time to time you have experienced problems with your Canon digital camera that results in error message due to various reason. Troubleshoot of such kind of problems can be a little tricky. Here we have provided a list of error messages and error codes you often come across with while using your Canon camera. Use the tips provided in this article to fix error in canon digital camera.

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List Of Canon Digital Camera Error

Error Message – NoCF / No CF Card / No Card in Camera

Error Description :

User get this error message due to following reasons :

  1. While formatting the card, there is no Compact Flash Memory Card installed
  2. The error comes if there is no Compact Flash Memory Card installed and without having this information you start the camera
  3. You press the shutter when there is no memory card installed

How To Fix :

To fix this error you just need to insert a Compact Flash memory card

Err 99: Non-specific error code

Error Description – Err 99 is simply a general error that can occur due to several different reasons.

How To Fix?

  • Test The Lens Of Camera – Try using the current lens on a different camera or use different lens on your Canon DSLR camera. By using this method, you will get to know if the lens is having any issues. If your lens is main reason behind this error then clear your camera lens
  • Clean Lens Contacts – You will find a series of gold-colored metal contacts on the back of the lens and base of the lens amount as well. The actual way to fix this problem is to use the eraser on a pencil. Next you have to do is to lightly rub all of the contacts and ensure that there is no dust in the lens or camera.
  • Reboot The Camera – Sometime to fix this kind of error, reboot of camera is necessary. Thus, turn the camera off and take out the battery. After 30 seconds reinstall or insert the battery again. Turn on the camera and click photos.

Error 30 : Shutter Malfunction

Error Description – The error caused when camera detects malfunction occurred with the shutter. It could be either communication error or a mechanical problem.

How To Fix?

Turn off the camera power and take out the battery. After waiting for few seconds insert or reinstall the battery. Turn on the camera again and try to take some pictures.

AC – Error Message

Error Description – A camera comes with an imaging element which corresponds to the film in a film camera. If foreign matter or dirt gets on the imaging element, you will notice black spots recorded on the corresponding part of the image.

How To Fix?

While cleaning the imaging element, always connect the EOS camera to a household power outlet with the help of DC coupler. You will get the warning message “AC” on the LCD when you try to clean the imaging element while the battery is installed in the camera. Thus it is advised to take out the battery from camera while cleaning.

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Error Message – FullCF / CardFull / CF Card Full

Error Description – This error occurred when you try to save images in the memory card even if the memory card is full.

How To Fix?

  1. If the memory card of your camera is full, delete or erase any unnecessary images.
  2. If erasing images do not fix the error, replace your memory card with a new Compact Flash memory card.

Error Message – ErrCF / CardErr / Folder number full

Error Description – A camera use get this error when the file number reaches 9999 and the folder number reaches 999. This error message also appears when there is space remaining on the card.

How To Fix?

  1. At first try to remove and reinstall the memory card
  2. Use a different memory card
  3. If possible format the card after transferring all the images stored in the memory card to computer
  4. Replace the older Compact Flash memory card to a new one.

L – Error Message

Error Description – If you try to use one of the locked camera controls while the [LOCK] switch is set to the right. “L” error message will be displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel. [LOCK] will be displayed on the shooting settings.

How To Fix?

To fix this error, set the [LOCK] switch to the left in order to release it and after that enable the functions.

Error Message – bu59 / bu54 / buSY / busy

Error Description – If you get bu59 / bu54 / buSY / busy, it could mean the following :

  • You have connected your EOS camera to a Mac, PC or printer
  • This error can be displayed due to continuous shooting. It simply indicates that the camera’s buffer memory is full and thus shooting cannot continue.
  • The flash memory stop operating if you shoot 20 images with flash at short intervals.

Err 2 : Memory Card Error

Error Description – This error message indicates that camera cannot access the memory card.

How To Fix?

  1. Remove memory card from camera and re-install it again
  2. Format the memory card and if formatting does not resolve the error just replace the memory card.

Error Message – “Battery level is too low. Cannot clean sensor”

Error Description – The error indicates insufficient battery power which cause the shutter to close while cleaning the image sensor and the shutter curtains leads to possible damage to the image sensor.

How To Fix?

Before starting to clean the image sensor use a fully-charged battery or a household power outlet.

“Cannot play back image” Error

Description – Camera display this error message when attempting to play back image. The reason behind this error message are :

  • Malfunction caused in memory card
  • When you try to play back images clicked or taken with a non-Canon camera
  • Images stored in the memory card rotated, edited or imported to a computer and then written back to the memory card

How To Fix?

  1. First of all check for the images whether they can be displayed by importing the images to a computer.
  2. In case you have multiple memory cards, simply format another memory card and click some pictures. If images normally played back then it indicates the malfunctioning of memory card. In such situation format the memory card.
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