Restore Lost Data From SanDisk SD Card

SanDisk is one of the world’s biggest provider of flash drives, memory cards and other storage devices. SanDisk SD cards are widely used in digital cameras, digital audio/video players, smartphones and many other digital gadgets. There are several benefits of such SD card and the most common one is SanDisk SD card owns a large number of users. SanDisk SD card is also used in various types of Smartphones. However the file/data loss from SanDisk SD card is one of the most common problems we tend to meet during using removable data storage devices and computer.

Due to certain reasons, the data stored in SanDisk SD card gets deleted or lost. Sometimes, SanDisk SD card gets damage or corrupt and data stored in the card becomes inaccessible and in this way you fail to access the stored information from the card. How will you recover the deleted or missing files? What will you do when it throws an error and you lose all your data from SanDisk SD card? There is no need to worry! The deleted or missing files from SanDisk SD card can be restored effectively with the help of using a best recovery tool.

Reasons Accountable For Data Loss From SanDisk SD card

Have a look on some of the reasons that can lead to loss of data from SanDisk SD card :

  1. Due to sudden power failure when a user is viewing the files on computer leads to data loss from SanDisk SD Card.
  2. Adding new photos when the memory is almost full on SanDisk SD Card can result in loss of media files.
  3. Sometimes a user get error messages in SanDisk SD Card like “card damaged error”, or “card is not formatted” and so on which makes SD card data inaccessible.
  4. Micro SD card having virus or malware infection leads to loss of information present on SanDisk SD Card.
  5. Accidental or unintentional formatting the SanDisk SD Card will delete the entire data from the storage media.
  6. Sudden or abrupt removal of SanDisk SD Card from computer while read/write process or file transfer process can cause loss to valuable data.

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Be Careful While Using SD card In Portable Device

There are some situations to avoid data loss from SD card. Have a look :

  1. Regularly transfer the data from SD card to computer hard drive in order to reduce the risk of data loss.
  2. Do not turn off the system and do not move SD card when read/write operation is in process because it may cause damage to your device and you can lose the entire data of SanDisk SD Card.
  3. It is suggested not to write any data or add any new data into SD card when the battery of digital camera is low to prevent data loss.
  4. Think twice before formatting the SD card or memory card.
  5. Avoid placing or using a memory card device under high humidity environment, high temperature and high magnetic.
  6. If the device is not in use from a long time then you should remove the memory card from that device.
  7. While using the memory card handle it properly. Be careful while inserting it and taking it out from the computer or other portable device.

Though there are several phenomena and causes due to which you may lose data of SanDisk SD card still you can recover data from SanDisk SD Card with the help of reliable methods as soon as you discover the file loss problem.

Easy Steps To Perform SanDisk SD Card Recovery

Read the following issues and solutions to recover lost or deleted data from SanDisk SD Card.

1) SanDisk SD Card can’t be formatted

Description – The system prompts this message after when a SD card get connected to the computer using a card reader. This message says that this drive is not formatted and you need to format it first in order to continue. But when a user attempt to format it, the system throws a message, “Windows was unable to complete the format” .

Reason – Improper operation performed after SD card gets removed from the computer or the removal of SD card during read/write process.

Solution – Detect the SD card using disk detection program and choose automatically fix file system errors option and scan in order to recover bad sectors of the device. After this process is done, you can start to format the SD card.

2) SanDisk SD Card can’t be recognized

Description – The camera throws this error message and states that there is no card.

Reason – The camera or computer do not support such file system SD card.

Solution – In such situation you must try to format the SD card to FAT using the formatting program built in camera or after connecting it to computer by using card reader.

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3) Can’t write data into SD card

Description – When a user attempt to write some data into their SD card, this error message appears. Although you can view the contents inside but fails to write anything.

Reason – Due to appearance of bad tracks, virus or malware attack on SD card or the poor connection between SD card and the card reader due to its frequent use.

Solution – To resolve this error you should use another card reader.

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