Restore Data From Virus Infected Memory Card

A memory card or a flash memory card are widely used in digital camera, music players, mobile computers and other electronic gadgets. A memory card is basically used as a storage device for storing the data like pictures, videos, movies etc. The memory card has a power free storage, high re-record ability and rugged environmental specifications. A memory card comes in the category of removable storage devices which has become an essential part of people’s life and also referred as portable storage devices. Although the memory card are easy yo use, portable and operate but they have certain deficiency or demerit that may possibly results in data loss due to virus attack, human error, physical damage etc.

Have you ever noticed that the memory card your are using in your digital camera has become inaccessible. Have you get “memory card error” while accessing or viewing the data stored in memory card? If yes, it simply indicate the presence of virus in your memory card. In this article you will come to know the complete solution to remove the threat and recover data from virus infected memory card safely.

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Well, memory card infected with virus is a very common issue people suffering from. People do not have idea how poorly a virus can damage the data stored in memory card and most importantly how it invade into the card. You should know that there are several kind of viruses that may attack on your system without your information. Here we are discussing about Shortcut virus referred as a new modern virus that automatically comes into your computer , memory card , USB and convert all the data or contents into shortcuts. Usually the shortcut virus belongs to trojan horse which is a high risky dangerous virus threat. Often this shortcut virus makes your memory card contents invisible. It is important to note that the shortcut virus is not removable by an anti-virus program because if you can the media infected with shortcut virus it will display a message like “No threat detected” and it is really confusing. In such situation a person format the infected storage device to remove all the shortcuts. But, it is advised not to format the memory card as formatting the memory card is not the solution, with this method you may only lose your important memory card data forever.

Here is a question asked by a German user related to the data loss due to virus :

Hallo, ich bin mit SanDisk Ultra SDHC 32GB in Sony-Digitalkamera für Fotos zu speichern. Es gibt viele wichtige Fotos in dieser Speicherkarte gespeichert, aber leider hat es nicht mehr zugegriffen werden. Letzte Nacht angeschlossen ich an den Computer die Speicherkarte für die Fotos auf der Karte gespeicherten sehen. Als ich versuchte, um die Karte zu öffnen es nicht öffnen, aber eine Nachricht “Speicherkartenfehler ” wirft. Wie kann ich die Dateien auf der Speicherkarte gespeichert erholen? Gibt es eine Lösung, die Fotos zu restaurieren?

Do not panic. You can easily restore data from memory card with the help of guidelines provided in this page. You are suggested to follow the link given on the page to get an effective recovery of pictures and other data from memory card.

You need to know the ways by which virus attack on the target memory card or other storage devices. The virus might affect the camera memory card while using it on the infected computer system in order to copy or transfer the files. Today, mostly the digital cameras come with the built-in facility of Wi-Fi and thus user share photos, videos from camera to other devices such as computer, smartphones etc.

The data stored in the camera memory card become inaccessible due to affect of virus. Besides this, there are other reasons due to which a user may lose data from camera memory card. Have a look on the following causes :

  1. Virus or malware attack
  2. Due to mishandling or physical damage
  3. Accidental deletion of data
  4. Pulling of memory card without using “Safely Remove” option

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Remove Virus From Camera Memory Card

Use the manual method mentioned below to remove virus from memory card.

  1. Type ‘Windows Key + R‘ together on the keyboard → enter ‘CMD‘ and hit ‘OK’ button.
  2. Right click on CMD and choose the option ‘Run as Administrator
  3. Now connect your memory card to your computer.
  4. In the command prompt type – attrib -h -r -s /s /d :\*.* from My computer.

Thus if you have lost your data from camera memory card due to virus or any of the reasons mentioned above then these steps will surely help you in removing virus from camera memory card and even your shortcut files on the card also get converted to normal files.

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