Recovery of Corrupted Photos From Virus Infected Memory Card

As digital camera widely use memory cards to save pictures, there are different format of memory cards available such as SDHC, CF, MicroSD, SD, MiniSD, xD, SDXC and others. The memory cards are used in different gadgets for storing information. The main contenders for these memory cards includes cameras and mobile phone. The memory cards present in the Digital Camera are mainly used to store pictures, video clips and other supported file formats. The memory cards bring us much convenience as they store large number of photos, videos and other data, but at the same time the risk co-exist. The main risk associated with this is computer virus like trojan or ransomware due to which files stored in memory cards get damage, corrupt or lost. The virus may silently penetrate into the storage devices such as flash drive or memory card and make those important or precious pictures lost. When the memory card is connected to computer, laptop or other device for sharing files, it may get infected with dangerous viruses and as a result the data stored become inaccessible. A virus has the potential to damage the file system of the memory card and make it completely inaccessible for any further process which has to be carried out.

There are two possibilities where a virus may make your pictures become lost or erased.

  • The picture stored in memory card get deleted by the virus
  • The second possibility is that, virus may make pictures invisible in the memory card.

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A Spanish user has asked question related to loss of photos from memory card due to virus attack :

Hola, hoy he conectado la tarjeta de memoria al ordenador para transferir algunas de las fotos. Después de eso, se eyectó con la tarjeta de memoria de mi ordenador y se inserta de nuevo a mi cámara digital. Sin embargo, no puedo abrir mi tarjeta de memoria, se ha vuelto inaccesible . Debido a algunas razones desconocidas la tarjeta de memoria deja de funcionar. una vez más, me inserta la tarjeta de memoria en mi equipo y tengo un mensaje de que la tarjeta de memoria contiene virus. Aunque todavía puedo abrir la tarjeta de memoria, pero algunas fotos se perdió. Esas fotos eran importantes para mí y es por eso que necesito para recuperarlos. ¿Puedo recuperar las fotos de tarjetas de memoria después de infectarse con el virus?

To answer his question a malware removal solution has been provided here.

Situation That Cause Corruption Of Memory Card Due To Virus Infection

  1. When a user connect memory card to the infected computer for sharing, accessing or transferring files from memory card leads to severely corruption.
  2. Other reason due to which your memory card get infected with virus infection is not having a good antivirus installed in the computer. However, if your antivirus tool is not being updated on a regular basis, then it increases the chances that your memory card gets corrupt or damage with virus attack and in turn cause loss of precious photos.

If you have lost your precious photos from memory card due to virus then you are suggested to go through the link provided in this article to get the complete solution for the recovery of corrupted photos from virus infected memory card.

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