Recover SD Card Data After Virus Attack

SD card stands for Secure Digital considered as a non volatile memory card widely used in cell phones, GPS navigation devices, digital cameras and some of the popular tablet computers. These SD cards are used to store huge amount of digital data, but sometimes it may get corrupt due to some logical reasons and block your access from all important data saved on it. SD card corruption can be divided into physical and logical categories. However, if SD card gets corrupt due to physical reason then it cannot be repaired but corruption because of logical reasons can be resolved easily with the help of repair software.

Know Some Important Logical Reasons Responsible For SD Card Corruption :

  1. User Mistakes – Computers are operated by humans and human make mistakes, due to some technical mistakes data from SD card may get corrupt or delete. If a user suddenly pull out SD card from computer during data transfer process without using a safe remove option can make your SD card corrupt or inaccessible.
  2. Interruption While Formatting – Usually, flash storage devices contains FAT as its default file system. A user might feel a need to carry out reformatting process, but interruption in this process may lead in corrupted SD card.
  3. Virus Or Malware Attack – If you are a regular computer user then you might be familiar with virus term and its harmful effect. Virus infection may be a common factor results in SD card corruption. Virus makes unwanted and undesirable changes to your SD card’s file system thereby making your SD card corrupt.

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Here in this blog, we are discussing about the SD card corruption due to virus or malware attack and the complete recovery of data stored in it. There are several virus infection like trojan, worms, ransomware etc that enters into the computer without user’s notification using some common deceptive infiltration method like spam email attachments, via intrusive links, freeware or shareware download from unverified websites, unsafe downloads, fake updates, peer-to-peer file sharing and so on . It affect your system while surfing the Internet and corrupts the SD card connected with your computer. Once the SD card get infected with the virus infection, all the important data stored in it can become inaccessible. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use a good antivirus program that protects your computer from getting infected with virus.

A Spanish user has asked a question related to corruption of SD card due to virus :

Hola, tengo una tarjeta de memoria SD utilizada en mi cámara digital Canon. Creo, que es dañado debido a algún ataque de virus. Había varias fotos y grabaciones almacenadas en la tarjeta que es valioso para mí. Al insertar la tarjeta SD en el ordenador para recuperar los datos que dice: “Acceso denegado. En primer lugar formatear el disco “. ¿Qué debería hacer ahora? ¿Hay alguna solución para recuperar datos de la tarjeta SD infectados con el virus sin formatear?

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