Recover Photos From Virus Infected Memory Card

Does your camera memory card get infected with virus? Do you want to recover photos from virus infected camera memory card? If you are suffering from such situation, then do not panic. This blog will guide you how to recover photos from virus infected memory card.

DSLR camera use memory card in order to store clicked or captured photos. But often photos stored in memory card gets damaged or corrupt due to virus attack. After virus attack, the photos stored in memory card can get inaccessible or corrupt.

This is one of the common problem that every camera user face. Virus attacks on DSLR camera when user insert memory card in virus infected computer or laptop in order to transfer photos. Due to virus attack memory card gets corrupt and further results in loss of data. Once virus attack on the memory card, formatting becomes the only option to get rid of these infections from camera. If your camera does not contain any important files then you don’t need to be concerned when you lose any the file stored in the memory card. However, if the files in DSLR camera contains some of your valuable photos then you never want to lose them.There are different memory cards used in digital camera like Sony SD Memory Card, SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend etc.

Besides this, you may lose photos from memory card due to various reasons. Let’s have a look on them :

1) Improper Handling Of Camera – Removing of memory card from digital camera during the transmission of photos may lead to the interruption and corrupt the memory card. Similarly, while continuously capturing photos from digital camera or taking photos from camera while camera battery is low can corrupt your camera memory card.

2) Formatting Of Memory Card Intentionally Or Unintentionally – This situation comes when your memory card is infected with virus infection and you want to get rid of it. In this case you format your camera memory card and delete all the data. Accidental formatting may also lead to data loss from memory card.

3) Accidentally Deletion Of Photos From Memory Card – Often while viewing photos, people delete some of their photos thinking they are not so important but after sometime they realize that the deleted photos were important.

If you come across with such situation, then there is no need to worry. You can try the following manual steps to retrieve or recover corrupt photos from memory card. Apply the step-by-step process as described below :

  1. In the initial step, connect your memory card to a laptop or computer, for this use a cable with a USB drive.
  2. Make sure that files have been deleted from the memory card when you open the camera memory card. Stop using memory card once you have realized that files has been lost or deleted.
  3. Now when you open the memory card, you might encounter with two situations :
  • memory card gets detected by the system
  • You can get an error message, stating : “E:\ is not accessible. The directory or file is corrupted and unreadable

4. Continue the step and open windows command prompt – go to ‘Start‘ → ‘Run
5. Type cmd in the Run box and press OK.
6. Now, type or pass the following command :

chkdsk [memory card drive letter] /r – This command will scan and attempt for the recovery of bad sectors
chkdsk [memory card drive letter] /f – This command will automatically resolve file system errors on the disk

These manual steps will help you in the removal of virus from camera memory card and thus, you can easily recover photos from memory card. But, if the steps didn’t work for you, take help of a recovery application. Such data recovery software are available online and you can download and access it. By using the recovery software you can easily recover photos from virus infected DSLR camera.

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