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Today, Microsoft Outlook has become an important application to send and receive email messages. However, this application often encounters error messages and results in corruption due to several reasons which further leads to deletion or loss of photos attached with emails and other data stored in MS Outlook.

Consider a situation : You have received an email with an attachment from one of your close relative containing some of your lovable photos. But while accessing the emails all of a sudden you get an error message on the screen like “0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed.” What will happen next? Will you be able to recover the email and the photos attached with it? Do you have any solution to recover those emails?


We all are aware with the term Microsoft Outlook application(an integral part of Microsoft Office) which is widely accessed by common user as well as technical users. Most commonly, this Outlook is used by small or big organizations in order to save data. This application comes with attributes like Calendar entries, email attachments, journals, contacts manager, task manager, note taking and web browsing. Outlook contains a PST files stands for Personal Storage table to store a user’s Outlook data for all mail folders like email attachments, contacts, appointments and more. But unfortunately PST file get corrupt or damage and the all the data stored including email messages got deleted or lost.

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Most Common Reasons For Outlook PST File Corruption

Whenever you find difficulty in accessing or opening email messages, it simply indicates that your PST file is corrupt. Corruption to PST file might cause due to multiple reasons. Have a look on few of them :

  1. Over-Sized PST File – Although MS Outlook version 2010 & 2007 supports larger PST file sizes such as 20 – 50 GB. But, it is suggested to the user to keep the PST file size in control and should be between 2 to 10 GB in size. Most of the pst file corruption causes due to over-sizing of the PST file.
  2. Virus Or Malware Attack – The virus infection has the ability to damage the compromised system and corrupt the programs or applications you worked on. Virus infection can make the PST file inaccessible.
  3. Abnormal Termination Of MS Outlook – It is one of the most common reason that causes corruption to your PST file. Abnormal termination or closing of MS Outlook software, when it is still finalizing or processing unsaved data to a PST file.
  4. Other Reasons – Some of the other reasons for PST file corruption includes upgradation of Microsoft Office Outlook, OS upgradation, OS reinstallation tends to cause inaccessibility or corruption of a PST file.


Manual Tips To Recover Email Attachments

  1. Click on Start menu → select ‘Run
  2. Run dialog box will open. Type ‘Regedit‘ and press OK
  3. A window will open. Move your mouse cursor to the relevant registry and go to the path “My Computer → HKEY_CURRENT USER → Software → Microsoft → Office → 12.0 → Outlook → Security
  4. One or more items will be displayed
  5. Copy this location – “OutlookSecureTempFolder
  6. Now type the path within your file explorer, here you will find all the lost and deleted attachments. At last copy all the files and save to your desired location.

However, if the above manual method fails in the recovery of your lost or deleted Outlook email attachments including photos then you can take effective steps to recover data.

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