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A memory card plays a main role in storing the clicked photos from digital camera. It not only store photos but also keeps the video recordings, audio files etc. There are several brands of memory cards used in the DSLR camera such as Sony, SanDisk, Samsung, Toshiba etc. Memory card comes with different storage capacity and thus can store a huge amount of data. But, sometimes things may gone wrong and data stored on the memory get corrupt because of human mistakes or other reasons. Losing important files is really annoying thing, people may lose their valuable or precious photos, audio files, videos and other essential data due to digital device error or simple human mistakes. This type of problem often comes when people attempts to transfer some pictures from digital camera to Mac system or any other device like tablets, laptops etc. The computer then prompts a message to ask user to format the memory card before using it. However one of the important thing a user must know that, the deleted or corrupt photos are really not gone from your Mac system, they still remain in the computer even if you cannot see them in trash bin. The deleted data only disappears when new data overwrites them.


When encountering such a situation, you may wonder whether you will lose all photos permanently. But the answer is no. The deleted or corrupt data can be recovered easily from the formatted, deleted or corrupt memory card.

Factors Responsible For Deletion Of Photos On Mac system are :

  1. Due to software conflict – Photos on Mac system can get lost or corrupt when there is a conflict between computer software and third party application.
  2. Accidental Deletion – Selecting all photos to delete without knowing which one is important, results in deletion of photos.
  3. Emptied Trash Folder – All the deleted photos or other data get stored in trash folder present in Mac system. But, when you emptied the trash folder all the data stored in it gets deleted forever.
  4. Virus or Malware Attack – Due to virus infection, the photos or other data stored in Mac system gets corrupt and results in loss.
  5. Delete photos using Shift + Del keys – When a user use ‘Shift + Delete’ keys simultaneously to delete photos then this command bypass the trash folder and directly delete photos from Mac system.
  6. Interruption While Transfer of Files – Due to any interruption while transferring photos from memory card to Mac system leads to corruption of data.

Memory card are most employed in digital camera and mobile phones and are extensively popular because of their high storage capacity, lighter weight, portability and small physical size. But when memory card gets full because of numerous photos and video files, a user transfer all the data to laptop or computer in order to add new photos in the memory card. But, unfortunately all the photos get corrupt or deleted due to several reasons and some of them are mentioned above.

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