Recover Data From Formatted Memory Card

Accidentally formatting memory card is a very common problem today faced by many users while using on Windows or Mac system. However, the recovery of formatted memory card is still possible in this condition. Because the data in the memory card is really not deleted and it just becomes inaccessible. In this article you will know the scenarios in which memory card data get deleted or formatted and solution to recover them back in an effective way.

A memory card is also called as a storage card or flash memory card. A memory card is a small storage medium widely used to store data such as pictures, text, videos and audio for portable or remote computing devices such as camera, tablet, iPod, music player, mobile phones and other portable gadgets. There are a number of memory cards such as SmartMedia card, Memory Stick, CF card, SD card, the MultiMediaCard etc. These memory cards are available in different range of storage capabilities and also vary in sizes. Memory card is very much reliable and also offers a number of advantages however besides several benefits you may lose data stored on memory card due to human mistake, virus or malware attack, memory card error and so on.

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Frequent Scenarios In Which The Media Files Get Deleted From Memory Card

  1. Use of same memory card on multiple devices that may result in corrupt file system.
  2. Due to mishandling of memory card that leads to data corruption and the contents of card will become inaccessible.
  3. Abrupt removal or ejection of the memory card from the Windows or Mac system during read/write process or file transfer.
  4. Memory card get corrupt due to known errors.
  5. Due to improper conversion of the file system after which the you get the card error and makes the card unreadable.
  6. When you connect the memory card to computer for file sharing and you get error like “Disk needs to be formatted”. After getting this message you format the card that deletes your entire data stored on memory card.
  7. Due to software conflict with antivirus program. In this situation while scanning the memory card the contents of the card get corrupt and also leads to the deletion of some media files.
  8. Often, the deletion of media files may also cause due to human mistakes such as unintentional or accidental deletion of files and also when you use the camera in low battery.
  9. While performing delete operation when you select all the unnecessary files including few important files and press ‘Shift + Del‘ key.
  10. If the memory card got infected with virus or malware then it corrupts the entire data stored on the card.

Now, you should be thinking, it is possible to recover deleted or lost data from memory card? Well, yes you can recover formatted data from memory card. You just need to follow the links given on this page which contains some useful guidelines for an effective data recovery from memory card.

Mistakes Made By The User And Steps To Avoid Them

Data loss can take place due to user mistake. Know the steps to avoid such mistakes :

  1. Unintentionally Data Deletion – Sometimes, a user may delete the data unintentionally from the memory card and you may lose your data. Thus you need to be careful and attentive while accessing the data in every situations.
  2. Backup – You can lose data due to several reasons but having a backup of your data is very important so that you can easily recover your data with the help of backup.
  3. Use Antivirus Program – Virus or malware attack on the system and other storage device may prone to data loss or results in deletion of data such as music, documents, photos, videos etc and thus it is suggested to use an antivirus program into the computer and always keep the antivirus program up to date.

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Note : Overwriting of the new files may reduce the possibility of effective recovery of lost or formatted data from memory card. This it is suggested to avoid any wrong action once your memory card get corrupt or damage. If you store any new files onto the formatted memory card then there will be no chance to recover any single file on the card. Thus, if want to restore the lost, deleted or formatted media files then you should immediately stop the use of memory card and avoid adding any new files in it.

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