Photo Recovery From Virus Infected SD Card

Digital cameras or DSLR make use of computer components like SD Card in order to save clicked photos and recorded videos. However, the SD Card get infected with virus infection which being downloaded on the card like your computer or laptop. A virus in the SD Card can stop you from being able to view or take pictures. Therefore, it is better to clean any virus or malware infection so that your digital camera can return to full functionality.

How SD Card Get Infected With Virus?

There are several virus infections including ransomware, trojan, worms and more that silently infiltrate into the computer without user consent. These virus infections get loaded into the computer through spam email attachments, P2P Network, porn websites, visit illegal or dangerous websites, via intrusive links, unsafe downloads, freeware or shareware downloads from unverified sites etc. The main purpose of this infection is to access user’s personal information and blocks all the executable programs installed on your computer. These type of dangerous infections might corrupt different file formats such as document files, PDF files, picture files, audio files and more. Now the question is how a SD Card get infected with the virus infection? When a user insert SD Card to the virus infected computer for transferring or sharing files. The virus present in the system automatically get into the SD Card and corrupt all the data stored in it. In such situation, when you reinsert the SD Card into your digital camera and try to take photos, unfortunately it will stop you from taking photos.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to download a free anti-virus program to remove all the virus infections from computer.


There is a question of a user from South Africa regarding this issue :

Hallo, my geheue kaart So word ek ‘n volledige en verbind dit aan die rekenaar om al die foto’s en video-knipsels red in die stelsel. Ek gered paar foto’s en res van hulle was in die kaart self. Daarna het ek weer plaas die geheue kaart terug na die kamer. Nog ‘n dag, ek wou foto’s, maar geskok klik om te sien dat die geheue kaart opgehou werk met onbekende rede. Ek plaas die kaartjie terug na die rekenaar om lêers te besigtig, maar ongelukkig kry ‘n geheue kaart fout. Is daar enige manier om terug verlore data te herstel of te kry
vanaf die geheue kaart?

An answer has been discussed here to get the solution for malware removal.

Have A Look On The Scenarios That discusses Issues After SD Card Corruption

  1. When you insert virus infected SD Card to computer, the system will recognize the SD Card but failed to show the photos, video and other data stored in it. Moreover, it throws an error message – “Memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now.
  2. The data stored in the SD Card do not open or display when a user try to read the SD Card. You may get Read/Write error on SD card indicating that it failed to read the SD Card.
  3. A user might get an error message like ‘memory card error or corrupt memory card‘, while accessing the photos or videos stored in the SD Card.
  4. A user may view the contents of SD Card but cannot copy the contents as it throws an error message like “Write protected error”.

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Having issues with the memory card? Do not panic. Use the malware removal method provided in this blog to get rid of virus from memory card and recover corrupt or inaccessible data stored in it.

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