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This blog explains how to recover photos or other contents from deleted Outlook emails, if you are using MS Outlook as a POP or IMAP email client, stand-alone application and if using it as a client for Microsoft Exchange. In this kind of situation , you should immediately recover deleted emails from Outlook Mailbox in order to get back the contents of email attachments.

Today, people love to click and share photos to their friends or closed ones through different ways. Emails has become the most convenient way to share photos with the one who is working on another place. With the help of email attachments user send photos to their close relatives who are sitting far away from them. Although there are many email services with the help of which photos can be send to other location but MS Outlook is the most used and accessed email application by millions of users to perform various functions. Outlook doesn’t only help the user in sending or receiving emails but also used to manage office works like savings contacts, making calendar entries, journals, managing events or appointments and more. Outlook introduces PST file (Personal Storage Table) in which all the items of this application get saved. Any corruption in PST file can delete all the data saved in Outlook even the mailbox.

Have you imagined what will happen when you will get errors while sending or receiving emails? Do the errors affect your emails or email attachments stored on Outlook mailbox?

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Some Common Outlook Send & Receive Errors

Have a look on the errors that occurred in Outlook while sending or receiving emails :

  • Sending / Receiving reported error: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 8004010F)”
  • Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”
  • Task reported error 0x8004210A – “the operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server”
  • Outlook error code 8: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”
  • Sending reported error (0x800CCC80): “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”

Reasons Accountable For Outlook Send & Receive Errors

  1. Sending or receiving a large email attachment, while the operation is performed your email account remains locked.
  2. If the connection to the email server is too slow
  3. Using a self -signed certificate or your windows root certificate are outdated
  4. Due to wrong outgoing mail server settings
  5. When emails are being saved to the wrong location
  6. Outlook profile is configured incorrectly or Outlook profile is corrupt
  7. If your incoming or outgoing emails are being scanned by anti-virus
  8. The Outlook send and receive operation is blocked by a firewall

Consequences Of Outlook Send & Receive Errors

Getting send and receive errors while email operation can be dangerous for your Outlook data. Due to this error your mailbox may be inaccessible and if you try to open your Outlook mailbox after getting this error, a message will be displayed “Your mailbox is already locked”. You may lose the data stored in Outlook application just because of Send & Receive Errors. The corruption of email or other items is also possible. To recover Outlook PST data you need to follow the link provided in this page.

Simple Tips To Solve Outlook Send & Receive Errors

  1. Disable anti-virus program – On some occasions, an email antivirus may delay the Outlook Send & Receive process, that may interrupt the arrival or sending of emails on Outlook. Thus it is suggested to disable your anti-virus program for this operation.
  2. Check email account settings – If you have just configured your email account then you should start with verifying whether your account settings are correct or not. You can get the information of account settings from your ISP or email administrator.
  3. Check your firewall settings – A computer firewall can block outgoing and incoming traffic and thus you are required to check for the correct ports.
  4. Check data store integrity – There might be problem with the delivery location which can result in Send & Receive errors. So you must check the integrity of your delivery location with scanpst.exe.
  5. Issues with add-ins – The add-ins installed which integrate itself along with send/receive process of Outlook leads to Send & Receive issues.

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