Olympus Pen-F Review : An Excellent Mixture Of Old & New

Camera company has come with the brand new Olympus Pen-F digital camera which surely connects your present to the past. This camera takes your photography experience to the next level. From the late 1960s, Olympus Pen-F is known as one of the company’s classic film cameras. Today, Olympus Pen-F has become an object of desire and comes with eye catching design which predicts your style statement. This Olympus camera is a great combination of traditional and modern legacy. You will notice its retro look when you look at the silver and black version. You can say, Olympus Pen-F camera is a digital update or a predecessor of original Pen-F. The new Pen-F is basically made of all metal like Magnesium and Aluminum provides the new camera a solid feel and sturdy. You will notice a belt of rubbery faux leather which stretches around the middle ensures to helps you grip the camera and competes the look as well.

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Have A Look On Features Of Olympus Pen-F

Olympus Pen-F features a premium style and design which is quiet similar of the original Pen-F. The style and design of this camera is intentionally targeted towards the street shooter who are conscious about design. This camera comes with high end technical features along with an additional big serving of functionality. It’s body is made up with Aluminum and magnesium, thus feels extremely solid and solidity strong in hand. The camera comes with a nice curvy contoured grips and for a strong grip it provides the faux-leather body coating. The camera can be operated one handed although it is better to use two handed. Because of its beautiful construction, Olympus Pen-F sport a cool and classic design.

Olympus Pen-F – Key Features

  • 20 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor
  • Exposure compensation dial
  • 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization
  • Locking mode dial
  • 3inch vari-angle touch-screen, 1037k dots
  • AF Targeting Pad – using the touchscreen
  • Colour profile control
  • 2.36 million dot EVF, with dioptre adjustment
  • Monochrome profile control
  • FullHD video with stereo sound, 24fps, 25, 30, 50, 60
  • Front creative dial
  • 120fps high speed video at 640×480
  • Spot exposure control – using the touchscreen
  • Available in black or black and silver
  • ISO200-ISO25600, ISO80 (Low) available
  • 50 megapixel multi-shot mode
  • HDR in camera
  • 10-11fps continuous shooting
  • Wi-Fi and O.I.Share compatible

Olympus Pen-F features a 5-axis image stabilization system which allows the sensors to move in order to manage the shoot when camera shake. This camera facilitates 10fps raw shooting, full manual controls and continuous shooting along with high resolution shooting mode which has the capability to create a 50 megapixel image just from the 20m megapixel sensor that deliver sharp detailed images. Additionally, you will find a creative dial on the front of the camera, constructed from metal in order to give the user an easy access to various artistic filters along with Colour creator and two new options such as Monochrome Profile Control and Colour Profile Control. Monochrome Profile Control indicates that a user can capture B&W imagery in-camera having a complete control over look and feel and on the other hand Colour Profile Control explore colours in camera. Further, this feature can be used to adjust or manage the saturation of 12 colours to 11 different levels. Additionally it comes with new dial which indicates that you don’t need to switch the mode dial or mess around the menus while capturing black and white shot in order to quickly and easily capture the images. This camera features a lever mounted at the back of the device which enables you to switch between different modes and make it very easy to change the settings.

Like other models of Olympus camera such as Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, the PEN F provides a high resolution multi-shot mode along with a new 20 megapixel sensor. Its high resolution images has been increased from 40 megapixels to 50 megapixels. It works when the sensor move at a sub-pixel level and further combine 8 shots so that the camera can capture colour information and additional resolution as well. In the front of Olympus pen-f camera, there is a vari-angle high resolution LCD touch-screen and also contains a built-in electronic viewfinder which provides a real time preview of any kind of adjustment made by you. The PEN-F has inherited the design and other milled aluminum dials with the buttons that are positioned to the rear as well as on the top of the camera body. Along with that, this camera also inherits the 5-axis Stabilization system usually found on OM-D cameras.

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Other features included in Olympus Pen-F is 10 fps sequential, a True Pic VII processor , 1/8000 second shutter and a low ISO level of 80. Olympus has linked with a Supersonic Wave which automatically cleans the camera’s sensor and comes with AF spot metering to AF point in order to help in exposure accuracy. When we talk about the overall design of new PEN, it feels great. This camera comes with a classic design, not too heavy and good in size. On the other hand, the used aluminum and metal gives the camera a leather look surrounded and it makes the screw invisible on camera’s body. Apart from this, the camera provides a real time preview when you make adjustments. The Olympus camera will probably a big hit with its black and white capabilities and screen flexibility.

The camera contains a number of customizable buttons which includes two function buttons i.e. Fn1, Fn2 with helps to customize the video recording, depth of field preview, magnify, L-Fn buttons and right and down. On the top, the mode dial can be locked and unlocked and the shutter release contains a shutter release cable screw thread. To change the settings and options , touch screen can also be used. Other than that, Olympus Super Control Panel can be used to quickly change the settings and options without getting into the menus. The controls and buttons are all put in a particular place so that user can reach them with one hand. To prevent accidental turning, the camera is designed with stiff front creative dial. There exists 81 focus points which can be easily selected using touch screen In magnified view the camera offers users the choice of 800 focus points. The camera user wearing glasses can use it easily via electronic viewfinder which has a soft rubber surround.

Olympus Pen-F comes inbuilt with Wi-Fi and can be easily connected to a compatible table or smartphone based on Android or iOS. The camera contains a large number of settings and options which makes the way easier to control the camera remotely. The camera also has built in editing and sharing options.

Olympus Pen-F comes equipped with a battery life which is rated at 330 shots and determined as an average for a mirrorless camera. Thus, it would be better to use a spare battery if you are planning for more shooting. Battery charger is available for charging. This Pen-F camera uses an Olympus USB cable which commonly used for updating any lens attached and firmware of the camera.

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