GoPro Hero 5 Recovery : Easy Steps To Recover Lost/Deleted Videos

Do You Know About GoPro Hero 5 Recovery?

GoPro Hero 5 action camera can be taken to your imagination to capture robust and adventurous videos and photos in the sky, over rugged mountains and even underwater without having protection then its superb recording 4K videos along with 12MP photos along the way. The sealed rubber body enables the GoPro Hero 5 to drive to 33 ‘depths without the need for an external housing. So if your escapades take you to concrete, sand, dirt, snow or water, the Hero 5 Black is ready to record with a single button press. When you have finished recording, use the touchscreen for playback and even edit your recordings directly from the camera.

GoPro hero 5 recovery

It is not an easy to describe the versatile features of GoPro Hero 5 and not to mention the mounting options available through the supplied and separately available accessories. The frame is included in the Hero 5 and not only added another layer of protection to the device but also it provides an interface to the world with 3-pole accessories. To get started, a quick-strap bracket for The Frame and two adhesive joints (one bent and one straight) are fitted with quick release. Other accessories, such as handrails, Selfie rods, suction cups and dive boxes for creative location of the GoPro Hero 5, are available separately.

Not only it is more versatile than the previous generations of HERO, it is also easier to use. A touchscreen crops the rear surface that shows an improved user interface, while the headline combined with the top and side buttons gives a more traditional touchscreen experience. If the camera is off, press the capture button on and immediately start recording. Hands-free operation is also possible with the built-in voice control function. Simple voice commands can control various functions within the camera, including start / stop video capture, photo scanning, and more.

Data Lost Scenario Behind The GoPro Hero 5 Recovery Of Videos/Photos

GoPro Hero 5 is one of the most famous camera brand in the name of recording 4k videos and photos with most finest resolutions. You can save captured videos and photos in device internal storage and external storage like memory cards. You may also know sometimes due to some of our silly mistakes and accidental reasons memory cards might be lost or deleted and all the stored videos and photos. Some of the below given reasons due to which we have to found the data loss scenario lets take a look

  • Accidental file deletion – Imagine while you watching the recorded videos and photos on GoPro Hero 5 camera and instead of deleting unwanted video files you may delete some of the most important videos and delete from the storage. Then after you may find some critical situations to get back your deleted files recovery.

  • Interruption during read/write process – While you capturing or transferring videos from GoPro Hero 5 Camera may causes loss of video files just because of interruption into the process due to sudden power cut, battery dead, improper removal of memory card from the camera.

  • Other valid reasons : Deletion of videos from the GoPro Hero 5 camera when connected to the system, unexpected formatting of the memory card, improper operation of the carved folder, corrupting the memory card file system, using the same memory card on multiple devices, etc. may result in loss of video file from GoPro camcorder

Now a days data loss is not a very big problem due to the abundance of various premium quality recovery software that helps you to GoPro hero 5 recovery. There is a variety of paid and free GoPro video recovery software that can recover GoPro Hero 5 videos easily without any hinder.

Top Rated Paid And Free Software For GoPro Hero 5 Recovery

Software Name


Download Link

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery


EaseUS Photo Recovery Software


Remo Repair


Highly Ranked Paid Software For GoPro Hero 5 Recovery

Rank 1. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar-Phoenix-Photo-Recovery-204x260Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an excellent recovery software for restoring corrupted or deleted videos that have been deleted from the GoPro Hero 5 or loss by accidental or deliberate deletion / corruption / formatting. The software has some of the unique features that help you to restore recovery of lost videos from digital cameras such as GoPro Hero 5, SD card, external storage, hard drives, USB drives and some external devices. This helps you recover lost or deleted MP4, MXF movies, Adobe EPS files and HD MOV files. It was developed to restore more than 100 types of multimedia files. You can restore your files as you lost due to accidental formatting, deletion of storage or SD card. It will restore your lost photos with their original names, file size, upload, camera model, or names or file names. You can easily restore photos from a wide range of digital cameras like GoPro, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, etc.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : System Requirements




Pentium Class



1 GB

1 GB minimum

Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

100 MB Free Space

Salient Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

1. Retrieve deleted videos & photos – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a premium class software that is able to perform GoPro Hero 5 recovery. It is able to restore your corrupted or deleted GoPro Hero 5 camera videos and photos in quick and responsive time. It is skilled in recovering videos of various camera models with a large number of supported file formats.

2. Retrieve SD Cards – If your videos and photos of your GoPro Hero 5 camera has been deleted from stored memory or SD card and want to recover instantly then you do not have to panic just use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to easily retrieve all the corrupted or deleted videos by following a simple recovery method.

3. Save and Resume scan recovery – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery has also a unique feature that you can stop and resume recovery according to your needs. You can schedule recovery and want to resume some times later then you can easily do it.

4. Enhanced user interface and customizable options – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery has a very easy to use and user friendly interface that you can easily operate to perform GoPro Hero 5 Recovery. It provides you more smother options like preview of recovered files to check it is important or not to for recovery. So you can easily save or discard the unwanted items.

Note – If you want to read more discussions about the GoPro Hero 5 recovery and similar topics then visit –

Rank 2. EaseUS Photo Recovery Software

EaseUS PhotoRecoverySoftwareEaseUS Photo Recovery Software is an easy recovery software that can repair corrupted GoPro Hero 5 recovery, to recover lost or deleted / formatted photos from your GoPro Hero 5 camera, memory card, CF card, SD card, hard drive and so on. You will never lose your family members valuable pictures of memorable tour destinations, big or popular events, family functions like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, engagement and so on. EaseUS Photo Recovery Software is a very well-known tool that is able to GoPro Hero 5 recovery easily and also retrieve your lost / formatted / deleted videos and photos easily. It does not matter how you lost your videos and photos such as system crashes, memory card corruption or deletion, hard disk formatting, virus attacks, partition losses, and other data loss reasons.

Catchy Features Of EaseUS Photo Recovery Software



1. Easy to repair corrupted GoPro Hero 5 video files.

1. Deleted Mac File Recovery.

2. RAW partitions recovery.

2. Fix corrupted Video files and RAW Mac recovery

3. Recover loss partitions.

3. Recover Mac partitions.

4. Recover GoPro camera videos from formatted or corrupted memory card, hard drive, SD card and similar data loss scenario successfully of GoPro Hero 5 recovery by this tool.

4. You can recover deleted or corrupted videos of GoPro Hero 5 camera like system crash, software failure, malware attacks etc.

3. Remo Repair

If you do not want to lost your valuable videos, recorded priceless moments that you captured in your last vacations, childhood videos or images then you should have a remo repair tool on your system. It works on both Mac and Windows. It can recover various kind of video file formats such as MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, AVI and others. Remo repair is an advanced recovery software that can repair all of your corrupted or deleted videos that you have taken from GoPro Hero 5 camera. It can recover all sorts of files that may corrupted due to interrupted power supply, malware attacks, and due to some of the accidental actions. But you should not be panic. You can get back all your deleted or corrupted GoPro Hero 5 camera videos from memory cards, hard disks and other storage medias.

Remo Repair : System Requirements




Pentium Class/Intel

Pentium Class/Intel


Windows 64-bit

Mac 64-bit OS X or later

Hard Disk

50 MB Free space

50MB Free space




Free Recovery Software That Used To Perform GoPro Hero 5 Recovery

4. Recuva

Recuva is one of the very used video recovery programs, and there is no doubt about it. It is one of the best free file recovery software that helps you restore or correct the recovery of corrupted motion and restore lost or lost videos and photos. It’s very easy to use and work more efficiently than any other freeware or some premium recovery software. You may need to confront situations with data loss or deletion or corruption of GoPro Hero 5 camera video files. The simple solution is to restore your deleted files from the storage media and Recycle Bin, but what you would do when you delete the item from the cassette as well. So do not panic, keep calm and use Recuva to help restore your lost files or to correct corrupted GoPro Hero 5 recovery.

Recuva : Pros and Cons



1. User friendly and easy to use software.

1. Download page of the Recuva developers site is little bit confusing.

2. The recovery tool is small in size and easy to download.

2. You should try some another recovery tool.

3. Recuva comes in both portable and installable versions.

3. Results are not guaranteed.

4. Recuva contains a simple user interface with advanced options.

4. Scanning of files may be slow specially deep scans.

Recuva : Influential Features Of The Recovery Software

  • Recuva supports a wide range of Windows operating systems.

  • Easy to use witches asks the right questions and does the hard work behind the scenes.

  • Regular updates of the software by Piriform and a long history of success put it on top of many lists.

  • One of the major advantages is that Recuva is available in a portable version that facilitates installation.

  • Recuva has very fast scan and an optional “deep scan” that covers all processes in recovering corrupted or deleted video files of GoPro Hero 5 camera.

  • It can recover files from USB drives, hard drives, memory cards, CD/DVD disks and MP3 players.


Editor’s Choice Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Is The Best Among Listed Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one of the most reliable and most searched recovery software on Internet to perform GoPro Hero 5 recovery to recover deleted or corrupted videos from camera, memory cards or from system’s hard drive. It has an advanced and deep scanning algorithm that search every deleted files on affected device and its preview before recovery feature give an advance view of recovered files to select it is desirable or not. This tool can recover files with their original names and file sizes, easy to use and friendly user interface and many more impressive features. The users of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is growing at very swiftly day by day just because of their value for money service. So you should also try it now to solve GoPro Hero 5 recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery: Windows User’s Guide

Step 1. First page is the original screen of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. Click “Restore Audio, Photo, and Video.”

Step 2. Here you can select the desired drive to check the restore.

Step 3. Now you can select the specific file format in the Advanced Settings setting and then click the Scan Now button.

Step 4. Now the tool starts searching in all media and you can also see the search status.

Step 5. When the verification process is complete, you have displayed the list of all files found on the selected drive.

Step 6. You must select the drive where the image is to be created.

Step 7. Click Restore to restore files of the saved images to the desired location.

Step 8. Press the Recover button to save all recovered files to the desired location on the system.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Mac User’s Guide

Step 1. This is the original screen of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. You must click “Restore photo, audio or video”.

Step 2. From the specified drives, select the desired one and then click the Scan Now button to start the scan.

Step 3. Now the search process begins to run, you can see the status of the screen.

Step 4. Then all files have been displayed in the verification process.

Step 5. Now, press the Create Image button to create a picture of the desired device for later retrieval.

Step 6. Select the drive where you want to keep the image.

Step 7. Click the Scan button to begin scanning the created images.

Step 8. See preview of files.

Step 9. On the last button, Restore button to save the recovered files to the desired location.

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