Get Back Photos From Virus Infected Memory Card

Today, most of the people depends a lot on portable storage devices such as memory card and USB flash drives. People use portable devices every single day. As we know all these storage devices are used in digital cameras, smartphones, computers and other portable devices. Memory cards are used to store or save precious photos, videos, music etc and widely used in digital cameras. However, the files gets corrupt in the memory card due to virus infection. In this blog we will discuss about how a memory card get infected with virus along with its harmful consequences and the blog also contains the solution to get rid of viruses from memory card and effective recovery of data stored in it.

A memory card get infected with virus when user insert it to computer to share, transfer or save files into the system. There are a number of virus infection affecting several computer some of them includes worms, ransomware, trojan which comes in the category of dangerous virus infection that performs evil activities. The virus secretly get installed into the computer through several tricks such as P2P network, porn websites, spam email attachments, malicious torrent files, via intrusive links, unsafe downloads, download of cost free programs from third party websites and more. After successful infiltration, the virus makes your system unstable and put in a poor condition. Moreover, it corrupts all the executable files stored in the computer. Thus, the user are advised to install a good anti-virus program to eliminate all the virus threats from system.


We have mentioned a question of a Spanish user related to loss of photos after virus attack :

Hola, ayer me inserta la tarjeta de memoria en su ordenador para ver las fotos he hecho clic a través de la cámara digital. Pero conseguir un error en la tarjeta de memoria cuando traté de abrir la tarjeta de memoria. De hecho, cuando lo vuelven a colocar los tarjeta de memoria en la habitación y trató de tomar fotos, que me detuvo. Creo calle detrás está mal en la tarjeta de memoria. Busco una guía útil para recuperar los datos almacenados en la tarjeta de memoria. ¿Hay alguna solución?

To know the solution of this issue visit the malware removal method provided in this blog.

If your memory card is infected with virus infection, there may be two possibilities :

  • Virus can make photos, videos and other data invisible in the memory card.
  • Secondly, the virus can erase or delete photos or other data stored in memory card.

Here it should be noticed besides virus infection there are some other reasons due to which memory card get corrupt. Have a look on the following factors that leads to memory card corruption.

  1. Physical Damage – Have you tried connecting your memory to different devices through different ways and still found all data inaccessible? What happened? In such situation, you should check for the existence of physical damage occurred to your memory card. The reason may be the burned circuit board due to large instantaneous current.
  2. Software Conflict – Sometimes the programs installed on the computer atr not compatible with memory card and due to this the OS will block the accessing. It will not allow to enter the memory card in order to view files via computer.
  3. Human Mistake – If you inject or eject the memory card in improper way. It will put you in the situation where the computer cannot recognize the memory card and the important files stored in the card become inaccessible.

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Is your memory card infected with virus? Have you lost your photos due to virus infection? Are you looking for solution to recover photos from memory card? If you want the answer of these question then visit the link provided in this article.

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