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In the present scenario, memory card are widely used in digital cameras, smartphones, laptop, computers, tablets and other portable devices. Memory card or flash card is a device used to store digital information such as photos, videos, music files and more. There are an array of memory card used in camera which includes SD card, Memory Stick, SDHC, xD, MicroSD, SDXC and more. These memory card are the most common amongst DSLR or digital cameras. Due to the high storage capability, these memory cards can store a number of data.

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However, memory card faces corruption issues due to mishandling, human mistakes and other. It’s sad when you lose your important or precious photos from memory card due to simple human error or digital device error. One may encounter this type of situation when they try to share or transfer files from memory card to Mac system or other portable device such as tablet, laptop, computer, iPod etc. Once the memory card get corrupt, the system throws an message asking the user to format the memory card before using. Here, an important thing should be noted that the corrupted or damaged photos are not deleted or lost from the Mac system, even you will not find them in trash bin. The data still remains in the device as it only disappears due to the new data overwritten.

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Some Of The Common Causes Behind Corruption Of Photos On Mac System

There are several reasons due to which photos or other data get corrupt or lost. Let’s take a look on some of the following reasons :

  1. Virus or Malware Infection – If you insert your memory card to a virus infected Mac system, there are chances of memory card corruption that may result in loss of photos and other data stored in it.
  2. Human Mistake – While performing delete operation if a user choose all photos to delete, unaware of the important photos leads to data loss.
  3. Software Conflict – Software conflict is the other major cause for photo loss. If there is a conflict between third party application like antivirus program and computer programs then possibility of data loss increases.
  4. Use of Shift + Del keys – Shift + Delete command permanently delete or erase the data stored on Mac system. This command bypass the trash folder and hence it is better to avoid using such type of commands.
  5. Emptied Trash Folder – Deletion of photos or other data from trash folder results in permanent loss of files from system.


In such situation, people think that they have lost their important photos forever, but this information is wrong. In this case, the new file overwrite the new files and hence become invisible. The lost, erased or corrupt photos can be easily recovered if you follow the useful working instructions made available in this page.

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