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From the past few years the modern point and photo-shoot camera or DSLR camera has become very much popular worldwide. These digital cameras have been manufactured with some advanced features in order to deliver quality images. There are several digital camera available in the market and Olympus is one amongst them. Like other digital camera Olympus also triggers error messages. Do not panic, if something goes wrong with your Olympus digital camera. First of all, just make sure that everything on the camera is tight, battery is charges, memory card is inserted and all the panels and doors are closed. Now, look for the triggered error messages on the LCD in order to get the clue as how to resolve the issue. Resolving error messages of a digital camera is little tricky. However, here you will get a list of six error messages along with the tips to help you troubleshoot your Olympus camera error messages and fix issues with the Olympus camera memory card as well.

Error Message : Card or Card Cover

Description – Any Olympus camera error message when comes with word “card” indicating the error associated with memory card. If the compartment that blocks the memory card and battery area both is not completely closed leads to Card Cover error message. If you think that the problem is with the memory card, then try to the problem with the memory card itself. Try to use the memory card in other device in order to check whether it is properly working or not. If another device is capable to read the card in question then the problem is with your camera. Thus, you have to try another memory card in the camera in order to check whether the camera is malfunctioning.

Error Message : Image Cannot Be Edited

Description – Usually Olympus DSLR cameras fails or cannot edit images that have been clicked on another camera which often results in this error message. Moreover, once you have edited a particular image with some Olympus models but it cannot be edited second time. The only remaining option for image editing is to download the image into the computer and with the help of editing software edit the image.

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Error Message : Picture Error Message

Description – The picture error message simply means that your Olympus camera cannot display the selected photo. The reason behind this might be damaged photo file or the photo was captured using a different DSLR camera. In such case, you are suggested to download the photo file to the computer. After storing the photo file into the computer, you can view it, then the file is OK to save and use. However, if you cannot view it on the computer, the photo file probably has been damaged.

Error Message : Memory Full

Description – People often think that this error message is related with memory card but it indicates that Olympus digital camera’s internal memory space is full. If you get this error message while you have inserted a memory card in the camera, it is possible that the memory card is full or is malfunctioning resulting the camera to store images in the Internal memory. In such case you have to remove some images from the Internal memory to avoid this error message.

Note : In the Olympus DSLR camera, memory card error message always contains the word “card” in them.

Error Message : No Picture Found

Description – This error message indicates that Olympus camera does not contain any photos for viewing either in the internal memory or memory card. Now the question is, did you insert a blank card or have you inserted the correct memory card ? If your memory card or internal memory is having photos and still you receive the No Picture error message then there might be a malfunction in the internal memory or memory card area. It It also might possible that the memory card you are using was formatted through a different camera and Olympus camera failed to read the card. In such situation all you need to format the card before using in the Olympus camera. But, you should keep in mind that formatting the memory card will erase the data stored on it. Before formatting the card, download and create the backup of the photos.

Error Message : Write Protected Error Message

Description – This error occurs when the Olympus camera failed to save or delete a particular photo file. If the photo file you want to delete has been designed as “write protected” or “read” only then it means that the particular file cannot be deleted or edited. Before redaction the exposure file, you’ve got to alter the “read only” designation. aside from that, if “locking” tab has been activated in your memory card then Olympus camera cannot erase or delete recent files or write new files to the cardboard till you deactivate the protection tab.

Note : An important thing you should remember that different models of Olympus camera may generate different set of error messages than listed here. If you get Olympus camera error message that aren’t shown here, check the user guide of Olympus camera for the list of other error messages specific to your camera model.

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