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It is frustrating when a digital camera stops working and triggers an error message. This problem can happen with any brand or model of camera such as Sony, Canon, Nikon etc. If you are using a digital camera for several months you must be familiar with the the issues and errors occurred. But if you are a beginner and haven’t experienced any problem till now, then the below discussed camera errors and their solution will help you a lot.

Basically, the most common digital camera error includes battery error, lens error, shutter error and more. Repairing or fixing any digital camera error is very expensive. However, we have discussed some camera errors plus few tips and tricks to resolve the camera error before you send your it to service center or replace your camera.

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Digital Camera Errors And Their Solutions :

1) Camera Battery Error

Battery error can become a trouble for digital camera users. Different types of batteries failed to handle extreme temperature and results in battery error. If you recharge NiCd and NiMh batteries before they are not fully drained, then it may reduce the lifespan of a battery.

Try This Solution :

  • Different batteries handles different level of temperature. If your camera does not get switch On in low or high temperature level then after 30 minutes you must try to switch ON the camera in normal temperature level. If your camera gets turned ON, it indicates that your camera battery is unable to handle extreme temperature level. Thus, always try to keep your camera in normal temperature level.
  • Secondly, always check for the light on the charger to make sure that the charger is working and ensures that battery is fully charged. Make sure that batteries are clean and contacts properly. But, if not then use a can of compressed air to clean or you can also take help of dry cloth to wipe it.

2) Camera Shutter Error

Sometimes it is found that camera’s shutter gets stuck, either in closed or open position. A stuck shutter may result in overexposed pictures and if the shutter failed to open at all, then you will get black pictures as an output.

Try This Solution :

  • In this situation, you must check whether the lens surface is clean or not and most importantly nothing comes in between. If you notice any dirt then clean the glass with the help of lens brush and after that clean the area around the lens and shutter with the help of can filled with compressed air.
  • If the above discussed method does not help, then try to dislocate the shutter. With the use of manual or shutter priority try to adjust shutter speed to bulb or use the slowest probable settings if your camera offers manual modes. But, if your camera do not let you use manual modes then try to use scene settings especially made for taking pictures. In this process do not switch off the camera, just take the battery out. In case your camera does not allow manual settings, then for taking pictures you need to be faster than the battery out.

3) SD Card Error

Sometime user get frustrated in finding problem with the camera. Later, you notice that the problem wan not in the camera but in SD card. If you fails to record pictures to the card or your camera displays a “Write Error” message, immediately check and make sure that the card is not locked. You may get card error, if your card is damaged due to dirt or dust. If you get any dust then clean it with micro-fiber cloth that you get with camera to clean lenses. You can also clean the camera SD card slot through can of compressed to make a good contact.

Try This Solution :

  • Formatting the SD card may fix this issue as different camera uses different format on the card. SD cards are very cheap or inexpensive, thus you can easily replace it. You can use advanced memory card, if you find that pictures are taking time to get written as it will help speed things up. If the card contains only copies of photos or if you have completely lost your recorded videos and photos then immediately take the card to the memory shop.

4) Camera Lens Error

In digital camera lens errors are the most common error found, especially in cameras containing barrel style lenses. The reason behind lens error is dirt, dust or sand which gets trapped inside or if the lens slightly get out of their place.

Try This Solution :

  • If your camera triggers a lens error message then the first thing you need is to clean the lens area in order to remove sand or dust. To clean all the duct particles, you must use a can of compressed air . You can also take the help of hair dryer to clean the dirt area. While using hair dryer, set the settings to no heat.

  • You have to check the lens visually, if a good cleaning do not work. Make sure whether the lenses are not titled to one side. Often, when the camera gets dropped then camera lens may get titled and do not work properly. If you fix lens error by yourself, it may cause more damage to the camera, therefore fix the lens error yourself only when the cost of its repair is out of your budget. Try to gently push on the extracted lens until it bends or titled.

5) Camera Software Issues

Sometime, you will notice that actual hardware in the camera is working but the issue relates to software.

Try This Solution :

  • In such case, try to restore the camera to the factory settings and if it does not fix the issue, you should download the latest software update for your camera. With the help of instructions provided on the Internet, update your camera software as it is easy and simple. You need to get the “firmware updates” for your camera models. Updating a camera includes adding a file to an SD card and after that use a menu commands from the camera itself.

Simple Tips On When To Buy A New Camera

Unfortunately, there are many other camera errors which are not possible to fix by yourself. You take your camera to the service center or repair shop, but they are very costly. In such cases, purchasing a new camera is the best option. Below some situations are mentioned that will clear your query when to buy a new camera.

  1. If your camera is old – If you are not able to capture the best quality pictures and your camera has issues then it is better to upgrade. It is suggested to purchase a new DSLR camera. In the last few years, camera has become advanced with the latest technologies, you may get amazed by the improvements in its quality.

  2. If the repairing cost of camera is more expensive than the camera itself – Just assume, if your camera is damaged and at the time of repairing you get to know that the repair cost is more than the camera itself. In such case, you may purchase the old version camera in order to save some money.

  3. Having issue with the Sensor – Usually, fixing the sensor problem is very expensive. If you go for its replacement will find the price much expensive and if so you should go for a new one.

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