Disk Wipe Mac : Clean Your Mac Hard Drive Securely in Right Way

Hard drive is considered as the heart of Mac computer, because it stores entire data which is required for the system users and to run it. However, wiping the Mac hard drive is important to get rid of slow accessing speed of your machine or to clean your hard drive in order to free memory space. In few cases, the users should wipe their hard drive completely just because of data security. For disk wipe Mac, you must start up from any other disk. Although, you can erase and format entire volume on your system. In case, if the volume contains important data, it gets deleted whenever you try erase and reformat the volume. Therefore, you should make a backup of your valuable data before wiping the Mac disk to keep the important data available for you.

disk wipe Mac

Generally, the system are never free from any kind of junk data, because the operating system always keeps record of all the activities that you have performed on your PC by saving evidence of each of your activities. Mac computer users may fail to notice that their computer’s memory space is been consumed by some unwanted junk files for years. Due to the presence of unnecessary files, it may lead to slow response of your system, low disk space, slow startup and many other complications on your PC. However, the performance of your Mac computer can be enhanced if you delete Mac partition or perform disk wipe mac and clean junk data. For this, you can follow some manual steps to erase all kind of junk files. In case, if you encounter any kind or error or issue while wiping Mac hard drive, then you should use a powerful cleaning software to permanently delete unwanted data from your Mac operating system based hard drive.

Software Recommended To Clean Hard Disk For Mac Speed Up

Software’s Rank
Utility Name
Star Ratings
Free or Paid

#Rank 1

Stellar Wipe Mac


#Rank 2

Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac


#Rank 3

Paragon Disc Wiper

Totally Free

Important: For more information related to wipe Mac hard drive, you can also visit the website: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH22241?locale=en_US.

Simple Steps For Disk Wipe Mac To Remove Unnecessary Files

  • Clear browsing history: Deleting browsing history and cleaning your cache helps you a lot to remove unwanted files from your Mac system. In order to clear browsing data, you have to select ‘Go’ then click on ‘Go to Folder’ and type ‘~/Library/Caches’ onto Go to Folder text area. Once the cache folder opens, select each and everything in the folder and then move all of them to the ‘Trash’ folder. Finally, you should restart your Mac computer.

  • Uninstalling useless applications from the context menu: When you tap on the context menu, there you will find lots of unnecessary files. Hence, you can remove all of them just by clicking on maintenance and after that tap on rebuild. Later, tap the execute button in order to start cleaning procedure.

  • Clean your system’s desktop: The desktop of your Mac machine is susceptible to plenty of junk files, so that it needs to be cleaned at a regular basis. In order to do this, delete unwanted files and move them to the Trash folder and empty the folder for disk wipe Mac.

Note: Usually, there are number of unnecessary programs running onto the background which decreases the start up time of Mac system. So, disabling all the unwanted applications will lead to increase the start up time of Mac device.

What to do if wiping Mac hard disk manually can’t work?

In case, if nothing satisfied you in wiping Mac hard disk, then you should go for a professional Mac cleaner application that will definitely make your Mac machine to be junk free. With the help of third party disk cleaning tool which employ deep scanning algorithm can help you to delete unnecessary files from your Mac system within few mouse clicks. When you use the cleaner application, it will ensure you in removing duplicate pictures stored on iPhoto library and free up the space on your device as well as increases the response time. Although, any reliable tool that provides simple user interface that will instruct you while implementing the software on your Mac. To select the best software read the below para.

Third Party Software Recommended To Perform Disk Wipe Mac


1. Stellar Wipe Mac

Stellar Wipe Mac is one of the best software for disk wipe Mac. It can erase selected files, folders and other data from the entire Mac hard drive. This program contains a very strong and powerful wiping algorithm in it which ensures the permanent cleaning of junk files and unnecessary data just beyond the scope of data recovery. The software is very much essential to eliminate all useless data in your Mac system irrecoverably, before you donate or sell your Mac computer to someone else. Stellar Phoenix Mac File Eraser utility is loaded with plenty of useful and beneficial features which helps you to completely and permanently eradicate all your confidential, personal, sensitive, useless, junk or other data and information.

Prominent Features of Stellar Wipe Mac

  • It can easily wipe the selected individual files as well the complete folder.

  • The software allows you to schedule the process of disk wipe Mac.

  • Stellar Wipe Mac completely wipes the computer traces, instant message data, Internet browsing data and recent file histories.

  • This utility can permanently erase the Mac hard drive in a single go.

System Requirements




1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk:

50 MB of free space

Operating System:

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4

Notice: If you are selling or donating your Mac computer and want to wipe Mac hard disk, then follow the instructions provided in the Apple’s support website.

2. Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac

Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac is a program which helps you to wipe entire storage media that contains some unnecessary values and thus ensures the complete security against any kind of infringement related to your data privacy and safety. Generally, if you want to reuse the media files when you are selling your storage media, switching workstations to someone else or disposing it for any kind of reasons, then in such circumstances, use of disk wipe utility is strongly recommended for the complete security of your valuable and confidential data in order to maintain the data privacy. Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac is one of the wonderful software for the Mac users who are looking for the best disk wipe Mac tool. It completely wipes out the entire storage media without any limitation of the disk size in a real time with an effective manner.

Important Features of Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac

  • The software can be used to wipe data from storage media mounted in Mac computers, Flash and USB drives, Internal and External memory of the Mac system etc.

  • It has the ability to wipe either complete logical media or physical media which has been needed.

  • Lumin Disk Wipe For Mac tool provides optimized user interface along with the most trusted and secured wiping algorithm which is embedded in its core.

  • This utility can wipe any selected logical partition completely from the Mac machine.

  • It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and the previous one up to the latest Mac OS X Yosemite as well as the El Capitan core.

System Requirements


64-bit Mac operating system


1 GB of RAM

Hard Disk:

100 MB of free space

File System:


Operating System:

Mac OS X 10.7 and above

3. Paragon Disc Wiper Mac

Paragon Disc Wiper Mac is a magnificent software which allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive or an external hard drive that will help you to erase the entire hard disk without any interruption. Right after booting your Mac computer with the help of bootable media, you will be able to use the Wipe Wizard feature in order to irreversibly delete your confidential data. This utility can easily work on all Intel based Mac machines and provides the facility to efficiently and immediately disk wipe Mac to protect sensitive business data and other valuable information as well. However, keeping crucial data undisclosed becomes a main issue nowadays. If you want to destroy your confidential information from your Mac system, then Paragon Disk Wiper For Mac is one of the best solution regarding to your safety and security.

Outstanding Features of Paragon Disc Wiper For Mac

  • Irreversibly clean all data from your Mac hard disk in compliance with one of the major national government and the military data erasure standards.

  • It comes with the most comprehensive academic algorithm which helps you in disk wipe Mac by providing maximum level of security.

  • The powerful algorithm of Paragon Disc Wiper For Mac have improved the wiping technology that guarantees irreversible security of data destruction on any storage devices.

  • This utility creates your own wiping algorithm with the minimal effort-define up to four wiping patterns, number of passes for each and every wiping pattern and also for the group of patterns which results in over 40 thousand possible number of passes.

  • It provides easy to use interface with simple wizard driven engine and also optimize the management of your Mac hard disks.

System Requirements




At least 128 MB (256 MB recommended)

Hard Disk:

250 MB of free space

Supported File System:

FAT16/32, Ext2/3/4, NTFS, HFS+ and other file systems

Which Software Is the Best For Wiping Mac Hard Disk?

In order to wipe your Mac hard disk, the experts recommend using Stellar Wipe Mac which is considered as a professional Mac cleaner utility that makes your Macintosh computer junk free and run faster. In just a single step, this Mac hard disk eraser program can help you in disk wipe Mac. This tool includes powerful as well as the fast wiping algorithms which erase unnecessary data from the hard disk permanently. It also eliminate unwanted files and the folders that contain any sorts of confidential and sensitive data completely. You can select any of the file or folder stored onto your computer and wipe it permanently just beyond the scope of any data recovery program. With the help of this utility, you can also erase vital web browsing data stored in the form of cookies, temporary Internet files, browsing session from all major web browsers. Hence, the Stellar Wipe Mac ensures complete eradicating of data from your Mac hard drive by wiping up the free space, from where your confidential data may have been deleted in the past and avoid any chance of deleted Mac data recovery.

How To Use Stellar Wipe Mac For Disk Wipe Mac

  • From the main interface of Stellar Wipe Mac software, select ‘File Wipe’ or ‘Drive Wipe’ as per your choice and tap on ‘Continue’ button.

  • In case, if you select ‘Drive Wipe’ option, then the next screen shows the list of hard drive attached to your Mac system. Here, you need to choose the drive you want to wipe and click on ‘Continue’.

  • After that, you will get the complete list of wiping algorithms supported by this utility. Select a wipe algorithm for ‘Drive Wipe’ task, tap on ‘Continue’ and the ‘Start Wiping’ option to initiate wiping procedure.

  • However, if you select the ‘File Wipe’ option from the main screen, then you will get the list of wipe options. Here, you can select ‘Wipe File/Folder’ from the left and tap ‘+’ in order to add files and folders that you want to wipe. You can also use ‘-‘ button to remove any file from displayed list under the selected items. Now, tap on ‘Start Wiping’ option.

  • After selecting ‘Wipe Free Space’, you will get the list of all volumes. Select the desired volume and click on ‘Start Wiping’ to begin the wiping process.

  • In order to wipe files and folders directly from the Mac computer, right-click on the desired one, select ‘Services’ and click on ‘Shred Using Stellar Wipe’ option. Choose the specific files or folders and tap on ‘Wipe’.

  • Once you click on ‘Stellar Wipe’ from the menu bar and select ‘Preferences’, a window will appear on your system screen named ‘WipeSettings’. In the appeared window, you can modify ‘General’ settings, select a preferred Wipe Algorithm, schedule any kind of wiping tasks, or even cancel the scheduled tasks.

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