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As compared to barring medium format and other specialized ultra high resolution cameras, the professional DSLRs are the largest, complicated and most expensive digital cameras one can buy. They are also produces to click high quality pictures even in most difficult situations. Professional digital cameras usually offers high quality sensors including a large selection of lenses and more robust control as compared to other cameras. Anyone can become familiar with the most complex professional digital cameras with a little time and patience.

Like other categories of camera, the professional DSLR cameras are available in applications, price points and sizes. Other than that, the design and features of professional cameras are more expensive than others and often provides better output in any specific task. If you are looking for a professional DSLR camera then you should be familiar with the features you are looking for. In order to make things a little bit easy, we have provided the description of best three professional DSLR cameras. This article will help you to purchase the best professional camera. The three professional DSLR cameras presents the most advanced multi use option especially for professional photographers.

Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is a professional camera that provides excellent performance and image quality. This camera is also known for its best-in-class features and design. This Nikon camera comes with dynamic range and low-light performance. The most surprising fact about this Nikon camera is that after having so much of good features this camera is still relatively affordable. Image quality has also been a most important aspect of any DSLR camera. This Nikon camera features a 35mm sensor or a full frame sensor which is considered as a standard for any professional DSLR camera. Its sensor are large and often perform better as compared to smaller options.

Nikon D750 has the ability to capture good quality videos, as the camera offers full 1080 pixel resolution at frame rates of up to 60 frames per second. It makes the videos sharper and clear so that you can view the videos on a large screen without any blur. Similar to other professional cameras most professionals DSLR cameras utilizes an anti-aliasing filter which is present in the front of the sensor in order to help prevent more artifacts. This Nikon camera comes with robust controls, fixed, bright displays, large viewfinders etc. This camera offers an auto focus assist light, a built-in flash, and an integrated articulating display.

The Nikon D750 comes with one of the best batteries which allows for up to 1,230 shots per charge. The D750 camera comes equipped with a respectable 51 autofocus points. This camera even shoot good quality and clear photos even in poor light and dark condition. This Nikon D750 also offers an integrated articulating display, an autofocus, and a built-in flash. Overall the D750 is one of the best professional digital camera which is available in excellent design and delivers solid performances.

Canon EOS 1D X

The Canon EOS 1D X is the recently launched professional range of DSLR camera. This camera comes with 18MP full-frame CMOS chip that has the potential of shooting at 12 frames per second. This Canon Camera offers superb image quality and delivers an outstanding performance. Well there are other cameras that offer dynamic range, better color depth and low light performance but Canon EOS 1D X offers a solid combination of attributes in order to help the user to capture quality photographs even in the most demanding situations.

This Canon camera can afford good low-light performance with low grain at high ISOs. This camera provides up to 12pfs continuous shooting, shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 s and a total of 61 focus points. The Canon EOS 1D X is one of the best camera for action photography and sports.

Some incredible features of Canon EOS 1D X are as follows :

  • 35mm Full Frame Canon CMOS sensor, 20.2 mega pixel, 5472 x 3648px
  • New Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E8
  • Dual DIGIC 6+ Image Processors
  • 4K Frame Grab for 8.8 mp still JPEG images from 60 fps capture
  • AF working range down to EV -3
  • Shutter durability rated up to 400,000 cycles
  • Improved AI Servo III+ predictive AF algorithm
    Built-in GPS
  • Dual-Axis Electronic Level with optional dedicated viewfinder display
  • Large, bright pentaprism viewfinder along with approx. 100% coverage and 0.76x magnification
  • To avoid flickering light issues the camera comes with Flicker Mode which adjusts shutter release timing
  • One CFast (2.0) memory card and Dual memory card slots supporting one CF (UDMA Mode 7)
  • The camera comes with super speed USB 3.0 for image/movie transfer and high-speed tethering. The camera further integrates with Gigabyte Ethernet support
  • Up to 61 AF-points supported at f/8 max aperture
  • 4K 60P and Full HD 120P video with Movie Servo AF via Dual Pixel CMOS sensor

Sony Alpha a99

Sony Alpha a99 is the most popular and unique camera amongst professional DSLR cameras that comes with the functionality of a mirror less camera. It is an excellent choice for those who are a professional photographer. The Alpha a99 is a full-frame lightweight camera manufactured by Sony. This camera features a 24.3MP full frame sensor, a 1.266K dot XGA OLED electronic viewfinder, a Dual AF system with two phase detection sensor, 6fps shooting, 1,440K dot inch LCD, sensor based image stabilization, 1080p HD video and loads of other controls which includes built in GPS.

The photo quality delivered by a99 is pretty much great as expected. Undoubtedly, the Sony Alpha a99 is very much similar to APS-C sensor A77 camera. Instead of moving a non-translucent mirror of DSLR, the a99 camera uses a fixed semi-translucent mirror along with an optical viewfinder in favor of an electronic version. The a99 camera has the ability to shoot full resolution 24.3 mega pixel picture at up to 6fps. Moreover Sony Alpha a99 can shoot up to 20 fine JPEG, 11 raw + fine JPEG, and 13 raw files in a single 6 frame burst.

A99 camera can record and has the recording capability up to 1080p HD 1920 x 1080 pixel movies at either 25 fps or 50 fps or 24fps and 60 fps in the AVCHD format. The camera comes integrated with HDMI port that allows the user to connect the a99 to a high-def TV set. The Sony Alpha a99 is perfect for the professional photographers.

Key Specifications Of Sony SLT-A99 :

  • 14-bit Raw output
  • 24MP full-frame CMOS Sensor along with on-chip phase detection AF
  • 2.4M dot OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Fixed-mirror design SLT
  • Top panel LCD
  • Built-in GPS
  • AF Micro Adjust
  • ISO 100-25,600
  • Pull-out three-hinge tilt/swivel 1.23m dot RGBW
  • LCD screen
  • ISO-compatible flash hotshoe with ‘multi interface’ expansion connector
  • Up to 6 frame-per-second continuous shooting with AF
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