Best Featured Digital Camera Of 2016

Shopping for the electronics are the more difficult product to purchase. There are dozens of models available with a number of different types ranging from pocket friendly point and shoots to mirrorless and D-SLRs cameras along with interchangeable lenses.

Get the details of best featured digital camera of 2016 over here, that will meet all the requirements of common users and even of professional photographers.

In the recent years, the market has turned its attention towards advanced models and manufactured some best featured point and shoot cameras that carry higher price points. The digital camera which includes advanced features are fixed lens cameras, interchangeable lens camera (ILCs), as well as DSLR cameras. Though these cameras comes with a high price rate but offers excellent features and one would like to buy these cameras for its unbeatable features. Let’s have a look on the best featured digital cameras of 2016.

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Canon PowerShot G3 X

Canon PowerShot G3 X comes in the list of best featured digital camera which offers tremendous versatility. This Canon camera provide a massive zoom range with additional fairly large 1in sensor in order to deliver you good image quality for a compact fixed-lens device. This camera offers a 25x zoom lens and 1 in sensor and looks just like any other blocky bridge camera. However, this Canon camera is little smaller as compared to other camera brands but offers a substantially longer zoom. This G3 X camera is jam packed with additional features to meet users with a wide range of technological demands. Its 1 -inch sensor dramatically improved the picture quality amongst the top-end point and shoots. Since Canon PowerShot G3 X contains a large number of features, this camera is one of the best travel cameras currently available on the market.

Nikon D5500

Nikon has always been the most demanded among the best digital camera brands and has done a great job by providing intermediate to advanced DSLR cameras. Nikon D5500 is designed with a new style of DSLR body. This Nikon camera features a decent 24.2 megapixel camera sensor and comes with solid noise reduction capabilities. The Nikon camera offers two manual control dials such as one on the top plate and one around D-pad on the backplate. The combination of manual control with the traditional PSAM mode dial deliver a perfect balance of accessibility and control. The Nikon camera has a touchscreen display that let you use a touch focusing in Live View. It features a 3.2 inch LCD display of 1.04M-dot resolution and offer you good sharpness and fairly accurate colour. Nikon D5500 has extra features like Wi-Fi, allowing you to transfer images to a mobile phone with the help of using Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app.

Fujifilm X-T10

Fujifilm X-T10 gives a retro look and look like old 35mm film cameras. This camera offers an exceptional image quality and very capable interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera. This camera model is one of the nicest compact system camera and small alternative to the X-T1. The Fujifilm has a 49-point AF in order to cover frame and it can be further expanded out to a 77-point full coverage arrangement with the help of wide tracking mode. This camera comes with 16.3-megapixel Xtrans CMOS II sensor which gets you the best image quality. The Fujifilm’s CSCs offer a handful of colour modes developed to emulate classic film stock. Fujifilm X-T10 camera contains few dials and buttons to provide a handy means of changing the mirrorless ILC’s settings. This camera is equipped with a powerful and fast autofocus system that provide you an accurate focus result in various scenes. Intermediate model of the camera has a high resolution LCD and viewfinder which let you to frame the photos in the manner that fulfill your needs.

Sony RX1R II

Sony RX1R II is one of the popular brand in the series of digital camera and yes one of the most expensive compact cameras you can purchase. Just ignore the price at a moment and see the excellent features it has. This camera is powered by a 42-megapixel full frame (35mm) sensor integrated with a bright lens and equipped with pop-up electronic viewfinder. This Sony camera is the world’s first camera with a variable optical low-pass filter. The camera captures stellar photos which are comparable to longer full-size interchangeable lens camera. The Sony camera comes with advanced contrast-detection and phase-detection capabilities. The Fast Hybrid AF in the camera delivers unconventionally speedy, tracking performance and accurate wide-area autofocus coverage. This Sony RX1R II let you shoot better without missing any single moment.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Canon EOS Rebel T6i comes with an advanced technology along with sophisticated automatic exposure feature which makes this Canon camera easy to use. Due to its high resolution feature the camera capture images of immense quality in different lighting situations. This Canon camera contains a next-generation 24.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor in order to capture images of incredible beauty and depth. The camera capture the images with immense quality with high resolution and an ISO sensitivity of ISO 100-12800. The sophisticated automatic exposure feature helps the user to easily operate Canon EOS Rebel T6i due to its combination with advanced technologies. The Canon camera is packed with the very latest Canon proprietary processor along with the DIGIC 6 Image Processor to deliver excellent image quality both in photos and video. The T6i model offers almost 33% more image resolution as compared to its predecessor and you can notice the difference in image quality. Canon EOS Rebel T6i has built in Wi-Fi, a display screen, a viewfinder and many other desirable features. Canon camera model Rebel T6i may not be the powerful enough but fits well in the market .

How To Choose A Best Featured Digital Camera?

Generally, a camera market features advanced and intermediate cameras which provides plenty of add-on features and offer top-end image quality. However, some features to be keep in mind while purchasing a digital camera :

Image Quality – First of all search for the camera which is capable to achieve excellent image quality, i.e. the image must be sharp and crisp clean without much noise. Even, if you are planning to share photos on social media or make large prints, image quality should always be a top priority.

Zoom lens – While purchasing a camera, you should pay attention to the optical zoom measurement of the lens. Optical zoom is used to magnify the scene without compromising with the image quality.

Touchscreen display – In digital camera Touchscreen help the beginners to easily use the device.

Viewfinder – It is very difficult to find a digital camera which contains a viewfinder. It is a small window on the back of the camera which let the user look through to frame the scene. With the help of viewfinder you can frame a scene using a film camera.

Resolution – Resolution plays a major role in enhancing the image quality. Resolution is very important in terms of quality and thus you must check the camera resolution if you are planning to have a camera.

Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi connectivity has become very important not only in smartphone, laptop but in digital camera as well. Wi-Fi connectivity allow the user to transfer photos directly to the computer, tablet or smartphone.

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